I did it again

I let worry and anxiety get the better of me. All weekend I hemmed and hawed at attending a meeting out of fear I would see someone I hoped to avoid. I was so keen to avoid this person, I almost convinced myself the meeting would be a waste of time. Deep down I knew the truth

Habit building and half year check in

Happy July. I just finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear which is about the small, incremental steps we can take to make, or break, habits. Part of his strategy is to sit down at set times in the year and evaluate his progress on the the habits or goals he set out for the year. Well it is Monday July 1st, halfway through the year. Could the timing be more perfect?

The Song of Achilles – book review

I was eager to read The Song of Achilles because I enjoyed Madeline Miller’s second book Circe so much. Achilles is a retelling the myth of Achilles and the battle for Troy. Unfortunately it didn't hit the mark the way Circe did. Still Achilles is a pleasurable read, well-pace with familiar figures and legends brought to life for a modern reader.

The spell of Circe – book review

Circe is a cross between a classic story of self-discovery and Greek myth fan fiction. I mean that in the best way possible. Author Madeline Miller takes the mythology of a less celebrated deity Circe, relative to heavy hitters like Zeus or Athena and crafts a rich story of an overlooked woman coming into her own both personally and metaphysically. Throughout, Miller weaves in well-known Greek figures and stories, flipping the perspective from male to female to explore alternative interpretation and motives of these secondary figures, all while staying true to the tone and style of these ancient myths. I didn’t think I would like it, but I did.