Meaning, mystery & witchcraft – book reviews

What makes a story engaging? Complex plots, mystery and cliffhangers, fantastical worlds and creatures, complex yet relatable characters, aspirational circumstances? All of the above if done well, but this past month I was drawn to simpler character driven stories, even if those characters are the simplest of sketches. Here are a few recent reads (technically … Continue reading Meaning, mystery & witchcraft – book reviews

I did it again

I let worry and anxiety get the better of me. All weekend I hemmed and hawed at attending a meeting out of fear I would see someone I hoped to avoid. I was so keen to avoid this person, I almost convinced myself the meeting would be a waste of time. Deep down I knew the truth

Habit building and half year check in

Happy July. I just finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear which is about the small, incremental steps we can take to make, or break, habits. Part of his strategy is to sit down at set times in the year and evaluate his progress on the the habits or goals he set out for the year. Well it is Monday July 1st, halfway through the year. Could the timing be more perfect?